Girls with guns on LSD




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I don’t like meeting someone, getting to them and then you get used to the words they say, the little things they do everyday. But then.. all of a sudden they just stop being that person you got used to, and now they seem different to you. Like you’re meeting them all over again except it’s new words they say, different little things they do. I don’t want to adjust to that. Fuck no. I don’t know you. This isn’t who I met.. Don’t say or do things and then month later just STOP. Hate that shit. 



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Name . Kotako or Kota (koh-ta-koh)
Age . 22
Location . Somewhere amazing
♥ Taken . By the most amazing man ♥

"When you look at me it's like you hit me with lightening."
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Flatsound - You Said Okay
"it all started with closed eyes
and a feeling in my gut telling me
i need to keep them shut the whole time
because they opened even for a second and i saw your lips
they’d suck me in like black holes when they bend light
and it was then i realized you were not my world
you were my universe "

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